“There’s something too cool about the author’s writing style. Maybe because she’s also a musician, there’s an artsy, anti-establishment feeling that drives her writing home even more.”

“Honest, heartfelt, brave and bold. A masterful storyteller, clearly a veteran of inner- exploration.”

“I am compelled to read every wonderful word and regret when I have to stop reading. She is really an amazingly gifted writer.”

“If Pat Conroy and Ann Tyler had a literary kid it'd be Lorraine Devon Wilke.”

“I never found a writer who was as good as DH Lawrence, but who could also get into a man's head and tell that story. Until now.”

“No one does dialogue better than she; no one comes up with interesting characters and relates family dysfunctions better than she; and no one crafts the language better than she. Period.”

“Devon Wilke takes that baffling topic of how to have and hold a relationship, and somehow, with humor and cleverness, turns and twists it until it makes sense. How does she do that??????”

“This is one of those books which exceeded all my expectations. I was expecting a romance with a couple of twists to the tale but what I got was something far deeper and more satisfying.”

“The characters are strong and once again, Lorraine demonstrates a rare facility with dialogue that sounds as if you are hearing it around the watercooler rather than reading it on a page.”

“It's been a very long time since I have been swept away by a book. I had forgotten the pure rapture of getting lost in in someone's journey!”