“Wilke is a skilled writer, able to plausibly inhabit Dan’s young male perspective…a well-written, engaging, sometimes-frustrating tale of reaching adulthood a little late.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A realistic and profound journey of realization and forgiveness…a solid novel that admirably explores the fragile, fraught relationship between parent and child.” - Publishers Weekly

“Devon Wilke manages to convey the male psyche with a good-natured humor that seems eminently believable. Hysterical Love is a deftly told tale." — Literary Fiction Book Reviews

“I just finished reading Hysterical Love, and I must say, I simply adored it! Lorraine Devon Wilke’s writing style is witty, pointed and funny, even hilarious at times.” — Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

“I never found a writer who was as good as DH Lawrence, but who could also get into a man’s head and tell that story. Until now." - Barb Taub, Writing & Coffee Book Blog

“This is one of those books which exceeded all my expectations. I was expecting a romance with a couple of twists... what I got was something far deeper and more satisfying.” — Ali Levett, A Woman's Wisdom Book Blog

“After The Sucker Punch is an aptly named novel because it packs a mighty punch and raises so many questions, I was left literally reeling by the end of it." - E.L. Lindley, Lindley Reviews

“With bare-bone honesty and fiery dialogue, Wilke explores the loaded relationship between parents and their adult-children…raw and brave. A great read.”—Tracy Trivas, The Wish Stealers (Simon & Schuster)

“The characters are strong and once again, Devon Wilke demonstrates a rare facility with dialogue.” — Mark Barry, Green Wizard Publishing

“There’s something too cool about the author’s writing style. Maybe because she’s also a musician, there’s an artsy, anti-establishment feeling that drives her writing home even more.” — Brenda Perlin, author